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The most common symptoms of IBS which are bloating and distension, abdominal pain and discomfort, changes in bowel movement habits, changes in characteristics in stool, excessive flatulence, and noisy abdomen, and fatigue.

Bloating and Distention

Ibs symptoms

Bloating is defined as the feeling of increased pressure in the abdomen, whereas distension is a measurable change in the circumference of the abdomen. Boating and distension typically increase for IBS sufferers during the day and after eating. Distension and bloating can be experienced simultaneously or separately. By far the majority of bloating appears to originate in the bowel. How much distension occurs also depends upon unconscious reflexes that occur when the bowel distends.

There are only three things that can distend the bowel: solids, liquids, and gases. Excesses of these in the bowel cause bloating and distension because they increase the size of the bowel, causing it to take up much more space within the abdomen.

Abdominal Pain and Discomfort

The major cause of abdominal pain and discomfort in IBS is distension of the bowel. How much pain and discomfort is experienced depends on the sensitivity of the nerve endings in the bowel. If they are very sensitive we say the person has visceral hypersensitivity.

Changes in Bowel Habits

The nature of our bowel actions- loose as in diarrhea or hard and dry as in constipation-depends largely on their water content. Diarrhea means that the amount of liquid in the bowel has exceeded the ability of the bowel to dry out its contents. There can be three main reasons for this:

The amount of liquid coming from the small bowel is too great
The drying-out mechanism is impaired
The speed at which the contents are traveling through the bowel is too fast for driving the muscles too vigorously

Likewise, constipation can be due to:

Too little liquid entering the bowel
Too much drying out, because the contents of the bowel are moving too slowly or bowel emptying is too poorly coordinated.
Not emptying the bowel as soon as the urge occurs

Variations In The Characteristics of Stools

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Bits and pieces withing the stool
  • Mucus
  • Blood

Excessive Flatulence

Farting is normal. Healthy women fart on average seven times a day, and healthy men fourteen times a day. We can expel as mush as two liters of gas a day, up to half of that might be swallowed air, but the rest is produced in the colon through bacterial fermentation.

Noisy Abdomen (Borborygmi)

Audible noises and rumblings from the abdomen are called borborygmi. These normal events, which be associated with movement of gas, are a good sign.

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Money people with IBS suffer from fatigue, particularly when their IBS symptoms are bad. The cause of this is usually not known, although there are meny theories. In many people with IBS-related fatigue, altering the diet to reduce the guy symptoms can be effect fatigue is increased in people with IBS when they consume a diet in high FODMAPs.


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