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The App Store is an incredibly successful and actively developing gaming platform for iPhone, where there are many free and paid games. Free games that exist through advertising or in-app purchases are played by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Paid games often receive critical acclaim and deserve the love of players, but it is difficult for them to compete with free games, so their audience is always smaller. Now such games will have a chance to attract more players: Apple Arcade provides a simple single subscription system available to more than a billion App Store users. Apple Arcade is a great addition to the incredibly popular catalog of free games on the App Store. This service will make iOS the main gaming platform for people of any age.

Apple Arcade users will get unique access to a selection of brand new games that are not available on any other mobile platform or on any other subscription. This service has a fundamentally new approach: instead of paying for each game separately, you can subscribe to Apple Arcade and play any games within the service without the slightest risk. Each game will provide access to all features, content and future updates at no additional cost. All games can be played offline, and many of them will support the use of game controllers. Games from Apple Arcade can be played on iPhone, iPad, suspended on one device, it will always be possible to continue on another. New games will appear in the service regularly.

The games are usually released on Fridays, but not every Friday. The release schedule is irregular: no new games are released on some Fridays, one game is released on some, and more than one on some. Sometimes there won’t be a new game, but existing games will get a big update with new content and features.

On average, new games are released about one every 2-3 weeks, although this may improve as Apple has relaxed the exclusivity rules of Apple Arcade.

Apple partly sees Apple Arcade as a way to give players the opportunity to try out games with more freedom than the App Store currently allows (which is practically not there). According to Apple, “instead of making a prepayment for each game, a subscription to Apple Arcade will give players the opportunity to try any game in the service without risk.”