Unique and colorful games for iPhone

Aviator is a new kind of social multiplayer game consisting of a growing curve that can take off at any moment. When the round starts, the multiplier scale starts to grow. The user must cash out the money before the lucky plane leaves. Aviator game is not like other games.

Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time in order to choose the best game from all the suggested ones. So that you don’t have to do this, we have selected for you five cool free iPhone games for every taste.


1 Offline iPhone game
2 Football on iPhone
3 iPhone Wanderer
4 Shooting game for iPhone
5 RPG for iPhone

Greetings! I probably won’t open America for you if I say that on an iPhone or iPad you can download and install paid games and programs absolutely for free. You’ve probably heard about it. However, almost certainly you have heard that for this you need to do some kind of jailbreak and other oddities with the device. However, this is not always the case. Today I will tell you about the ways that will allow you to get the coveted toy on your iOS gadget without paying a penny. How to do it? Now you will find out everything!

Everyone knows that you can download the desired game or program on an iPhone or iPad from the company’s official store — the App Store. And moreover, my position is that it is necessary to do so. Why? I already talked about this in the article about the “dice game” (Are you an unrestrained Minecraft fan? Be sure to read it!) and I don’t want to repeat myself.

However, sometimes there are times when it is more expedient to use alternative stores:

Each country has its own App Store, and sometimes not all apps are available in your region.
Some games tend to be removed from the store, but you want to play them!
You may need older versions of programs and applications.
No, and I don’t want to get an Apple ID (although I still recommend registering this useful account).
Before paying, sometimes you need to look at the product.